Christian dating breakups

They’ve tried to walk away only to return boomerang style. It went something like this: feel conviction, break up, return to his pleading heart, crave God’s better plan, break up, return and apologize to him for ever having left in the first place, begin to doubt, break up…You get the picture.Are you a Christian who truly craves God’s awesome plans for your life, especially in regards to marriage, but right now you don’t feel you’re capable of making the break? I tested God’s faithfulness by abandoning what could have been a great life with a good guy, and I waited for the Lord to bring me the man of my dreams. As a matter of fact, He worked such an amazing miracle to unite me with my husband that I’ve chosen to include our story in my book, .If God is urging you to break up, you must rely on His strength and do it.

God promises to reward those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). God waits for an excuse to bless you, but He will not bless disobedience.So no matter how the relationship ended, you should never remain bitter or hateful towards that person, but this does not mean you should always remain connected through a restored bond of friendship.If the relationship ended badly, there’s a reason for it.I readily admit he didn’t leave me much to complain about; he treated me like a queen most of the time. Nevertheless, soon after becoming officially engaged to him, doubt crept into my heart. Eventually, I found myself craving God’s better plan for my life and tried to break up.However, breaking up, as the song goes, is hard to do!

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